List or table: CUL Or.1081 J63

List or table CUL Or.1081 J63


Recto: Faded note in Judaeo-Arabic referring to [...] b. Yosef and Sitt al-Dalāl bt. Yiṣḥaq. Verso: Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic and Greek/Coptic numerals. In the hand of Yosef b. Yaʿaqov Rosh ha-Seder? Refers to Sadīd al-Dawla Elʿazar ha-Levi Hod ha-Leviyyim. The commodities that are somehow related to him include Sumac, black raisins, and walnut. (NB: Goitein's index cards must be referring to a different shelfmark: "List of contributions. A long list, but mostly effaced. The epithet “our master” (sayyidnā) could refer to either Avraham or David Maimonides. See Med Soc II, App. C, #89.")

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