Letter: CUL Or.1080 J246

Letter CUL Or.1080 J246



Letter from an unidentified man, in Jerusalem, to the Nagid Natan Sholal, in Fustat/Cairo. In Hebrew. Dating: Late 15th century. The sender reports that he is writing with great effort, because he has been sick ever since his marriage. He has not recovered his full strength, his joints are weak and painful, and he cannot turn his face from side to side ever since he fell off of a mule en route to Jerusalem. The main purpose of the letter is to conciliate Natan, who is upset about the marriage of his daughter to the sender's son, which evidently took place behind his back in Jerusalem. There is also discussion of Natan's property in Jerusalem and a report on the books that he left behind him in 1481 CE. The sender managed to find 4 of Natan's books, including the Gemara of Ketubbot, an Arabic commentary on Psalms(?), and Israel Israeli's Arabic commentary on Avot. (Information in part from Avraham David's edition on FGP.) ASE