Letter: CUL Or.1080 J178

Letter CUL Or.1080 J178



Letter from Barakāt b. Khulayf to ʿArūs b. Yosef. In Judaeo-Arabic. Concerning a shipment of tartar and a report about the arrival of ships from the West (Spain and al-Mahdiyya). "Tartar (Ar. ṭartār, derived from the same medieval Greek word as the English) was another mordant, also coming to the capital of Egypt via Alexandria. A quantity of 200 jarwī (somewhat heavier than regular pounds), sent to the purplemaker ʿArūs b. Yosef in Fustat, cost 10 13/48 dinars, that is, approximately the same as gallnuts." Med Soc I, p. 405, n. 166 (on mordants, i.e., "liquids with which fabrics were saturated to hold the dyestuff"). Information from Goitein

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