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Letter CUL Or.1080 J171


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Letter from Yosef b. Avraham b. Bundār to Abū Zikrī Yehuda ha-Kohen b. Yosef. Written in Judaeo-Arabic. The first few lines of the letter, the margins, and the address (in both Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic script) are preserved. The letter reports that Maḍmūn was engaged in the building or outfitting of jāshujiyāt (military transport ships). Specifically, he outfitted four of them for an attack on Zabīd. Yosef also reports on a military venture of Bilāl and the sultan by land 'in the area of the mountain' in which they took over many villages and excellent fortresses of their enemies, praise be to God. Al-Fawfalī (ʿAlī b. Manṣūr?) is mentioned. See also T-S 8J20.19 (same writer, same addressee). Information from Goitein's attached edition; Margariti, Aden, p. 159 and 285, n. 89; and India Book II (Maḍmūn), p. 42, n. 101.

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