Legal document: CUL Or.1080 J133

Legal document CUL Or.1080 J133



Legal: partnership agreement. Dated: Thursday, 10 Kislev 5319 AM (חושה), which is 1558/59 CE.The partners Yehuda Castro and Namir Viryuti (? וריוטי) enter into a partnership for selling (ostrich) feathers (נוצה) in Venice. Namir has obtained 140 raṭls of feathers, and Yehuda has shipped them to Venice for the price of 116 gold Venetian ducats and 24.5 medins, apart from the costs of shipping and customs. Yehuda is to receive 3/4 of the profits and Namir 1/4. Information from Avraham David's edition on FGP.

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