Legal document: T-S NS J159

Legal document T-S NS J159


Recto: Legal document headed "testimony" (שהדותא). Ibrāhīm/Avraham b. Yehoshuaʿ owes Hilāl Sheʾerit 200 dirhams from 'the old Egyptian cash/currency (al-wariq al-qadīm al-Miṣrī). He will repay it in installments of 40 dirhams at the end of each month. If he misses two consecutive payments, he will owe the whole sum at once. This declaration was made on Purim, and the first installment will be due at the end of Iyyar. The amount is owed for the house which Hilāl sold to Avraham. They release each other from other claims. Ibrāhīm also "releases" Hilāl from "the old Arabic legal documents pertaining to the house." (Information in part from CUDL.)

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