Legal document: T-S NS J40

Legal document T-S NS J40



Subsequent use: Two legal drafts from the court of the Nagid Mevorakh. Fragmentary and incomplete. #1: Beginning of a statement about a brawl between Shelomo b. Avraham (may be the same troublemaker as in T-S 24.74, another brawl document) and Sason b. Natan at the gate of the Dār al-Ṣarf. The two parties were dragged before the qāḍī, the parnas came and said he’d represent one of them and take care of it the following day in the Jewish court, but then an hour later the amir Shahm al-Dawla had the two squabblers and the parnas dragged before the Ṣāhib al-Bāb (possibly even the high Fatimid official also known as al-wazīr al-ṣaghīr). Salāma and Sason reached a settlement and had to pay a brokerage fee (5 dirhams each?). "They also said" that someone had tried to beat Shelomo with a crop (miqraʿa), only for Sason to intervene and grab the crop out of his hand, 'out of fear lest the gentiles intervene between them.' #2: A testament in which a father gives the house in which he lives to his baby daughter Sitt al-Gharb, who was still nursing, with the exclusion of her brothers. (Information in part from Goitein's index card.) ASE

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