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Letter from Masʿūd b. Mawhūb to his brother Sābiq b. Mawhūb. In Judaeo-Arabic. The sender is agitated about the news he heard from Umm Subayʿ b. ʿAbdallāh, namely that his wife has taken their son out of the school (kuttāb) and allowed him to play all day. "She behaves like an idiot (ablah), inflicting unhealable wounds." He will travel (or send raqqāṣīn?) to Cyprus (קברץ), where it seems the woman lives. He has sent 15 dirhams with Abū l-Munā b. Ḥiyya to give to the teacher. The boy should not be allowed to play hooky. He sends a jūkāniyya (a garment) for the boy. He asks for Abū ʿImrān to draw up a bill of divorce for him for Ṣafar [5]31 (=1136/37 CE) for a half dinar. Some of this summary is tentative; needs further examination. (Information in part from Goitein's index card.)

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