List or table: T-S NS 246.26.12

List or table T-S NS 246.26.12

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List of 43 notables and their honorific titles (alqāb). Dating: mid-12th century. "The list was certainly jotted down by, or for the use of, a cantor, who had to mention them with their proper designations, when their contributions to public appeals were lauded in the communal prayer. Many of these notables are known from other sources, which enables us to assume 1142 as the approximate date of this important document." Ed. N. Allony, Sefunot 8 (1964), 129–37 (רשימת נכבדים ותאריהם במצרים במאה הי"ב). See also Goitein, Med Soc II, App. C, 26. NB: Goitein and Allony cite this document as T-S NS 246.22.

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