Legal document: T-S AS 145.52

Legal document T-S AS 145.52


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Legal agreement. Location: Fustat. Dated: 4754 AM, which is 993/94 CE. Two cantors, Naḥum b. Yosef al-Baradānī and Palṭiel b. Efrayim, divide up liturgical and communal responsibilities (and wages) between them. Among other things, they are appointed to draw up marriage contracts and bills of divorce. The former, Naḥum b. Yosef al-Baradānī, is otherwise known from the writings of R. Hayya Gaon. (Information from Friedman, "Palestinian Ketubbot from the Geonic Period," Teʿuda 1 (1980), p. 68). On verso there are liturgical instructions in Judaeo-Arabic.

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