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List of 72 people to be solicited. Dating: Last third of the 12th century. Arranged according to their business address such as "The Great Bazaar" (a, l. 2), "The Surayya" (a, l. 13), "Bazaar of the Threads" (b, l. 8), "[Street of the] Dyers" (b, l. 11), "The Money Assayers" (c, l. 10). Four persons are noted together with their brothers, one with his brother-in-law. One firm is called "Sons of." Several groups of people belonging to the same profession appear together, such as four mustaʿmals, persons employed in a government workshop (all in the Bazaar of the Threads), three labbāns or dairymen, three sabbāks or metal casters employed in the mint, or three money-assayers. At least five names of a very specific character, such as Durrī the ghulām of the Nagid (see Med Soc I, 133) or Manṣūr of the family of the scarf makers (maqāniʿī) are identical with those in T-S K6.149, and at least eight recur in T-S K15.6. (Information from Goitein, Med Soc II, Appendix C, #31.)

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