List or table: T-S NS 324.135 + T-S Misc.29.59a + T-S 13J36.14

List or table T-S NS 324.135 + T-S Misc.29.59a + T-S 13J36.14



Verso (original use): Distribution list for cash and wheat for the poor of the Rabbanites, administered by the ḥaver (al-ḥibr) [...] and Yaʿqūb al-[...]. Written in Arabic script. Much larger than other known distribution lists from this period. About 55 lines are preserved, listing dozens of alms recipients, many of them blind. Also mentions "... al-Andalusī wa-akhūhā (l. 4)." This document was subsequently cut up to form (at least) 3 folios, which were then reused for a halakhic text in the hand of Efrayim b. Shemarya. Merits further examination.

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