Legal document: T-S Misc.29.8

Legal document T-S Misc.29.8


Deed of acknowledgment (iqrār). In Arabic script. Dating: Mentions a period of 6 years beginning in Shawwāl 512 AH and ending in Ramaḍān 518 AH. As Shawwāl 512 AH began on 14 January 1119 CE, this document must have been drawn up shortly before that. Yehuda b. Yisra'el b. Efrayim al-Isrā'īlī al-Tājir known as Ibn Abī Kathīr apparently owes 100 dinars to Abū Kathīr Efrayim b. Yūsuf b. Ibrāhīm al-Isrā'īlī (l. 3). His collateral is a little house (duwayra) located in Fustat; there follows a description of the property. Many other names are given, because the reference is to a property bordering on Muslim properties. (Information in part from Goitein's note card.) ASE

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