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A list of at least 42 books of poetry, all called Dīwān or prefaced "min shiʿr [X]." In Arabic script. Poets named include: Ṭarafa, ʿAntara, al-Farazdaq, al-Shammākh, al-Quṭāmī, Abū Nuwās, Ibn al-Rūmī, Kushājim, Ṭāhir al-Ḥaddād. Underneath most entries it says جز واحد (one volume); some, such as the Dīwān of Ibn al-Khāzin al-Kātib, are labeled as two volumes (جزان). (Reading kindly provided by Boris Liebrenz.) (Information from Goitein's index card and Med Soc V, pp. 425, 627 note 51.)

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