List or table: T-S Misc.8.66

List or table T-S Misc.8.66

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Bifolio of accounts. Dated: July 1150 CE. Concerning the sale of cheese, wax, wine, and silk, and the collecting of contributors for the community. Mentions Damsīs. Signed Yiṣḥaq b. Moshe. Mentions names such as Abū ʿAlī Ibn al-Ḥunaykh; ʿIwāḍ b. Miṣbāḥ; ʿAzzāz(?) al-Iskandarānī; Hārūn Ibn Muyassar(?); Nuṣayr; Kulayf Ibn al-Miṣrī; al-Kohen Abū l-Barakāt; Barakāt b. Muyassar; 'the deserving public from the dyers of Damsīs' (אלציבור אלמסתחק ענד צבאגין דמסיס); Hārūn al-Kohen; Yaʿaqov b. Miṣbāḥ. T-S Misc.8.66 (PGPID 8336) and L-G Ar. II.160 (PGPID 8983) have the same script and arrangement. Dinar:dirham exchange rate is 1:42. (Information in part from Goitein's notes.)

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