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Public letter in the hand of Avraham Maimonides (d. 1237 CE). The cantors of Fustat are instructed to read it aloud in the synagogue on Monday, Thursday, and Monday, as well as Saturday morning. A ban of excommunication is declared against the women who continue dyeing silk privately ('in the houses'), because the tax farmer who had the license for silk dyeing had complained to the dīwān that he was losing revenue. Information in part from Goitein's note card. The CUDL description identifies the hand as belonging to Joshua b. Abraham Maimonides (active 1310-1355 CE), but Amir Ashur, who wrote that description, has now revised his view and identifies this hand as belonging to Avraham (I) Maimonides. An earlier PGP description identified the date as Adar 1528 Seleucid (1217 CE), but it is not clear on what basis.

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.


  1. אמת
  2. אלחזנים במצר ינדרו אלגמאעה
  3. בר יה אלנסא ואלרגאל שני
  4. וחמישי ושני ויום אלשבת
  5. בשחרית אן לא יתערץ אחד
  6. לצבאג אלחריר פי אלביות
  7. לאגל אן אלצאמן שכא
  8. ללדיואן אנה אנכסר עליה
  9. אלצמאן לכון אלנסא יצבגו
  10. פי אלביות וקד אחרמנא

Recto, margin:

  1. באסם מן יצבג בגיר אדנה ושל[ום

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