State document: T-S Ar.40.153

State document T-S Ar.40.153



Tax farming lease from the administration of al-Mustanṣir, dated 477 kharājiyya (1087–88 CE). Mūsā b. ʿĪsā takes upon himself a payment of 8 dinars in monthly installments for "the two zakāts" in the village of Qabīl (situated in the Buḥayra province in the western part of the Nile delta), under the supervision of Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm b. Munajjā (perhaps the finance director of the district). The taxes will be directed to the Imām al-Mustanṣir billāh and to his Amīr al-Juyūsh (Badr al-Jamālī). Also mentions an official called Ḥātim b. Faraj. The conclusion states that three copies of the document were made, "identical in their wording and sense." The scribe is Zayd b. Jābir al-Sarūjī. Information from Goitein's attached transcription and notes and from Khan.

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  2. ضمن لمولانا وسيدنا الامام المستنصر بالله امير المومنين صلوات الله عليه وعلى ابائه الطاهرين وابنائه الائمة

  3. الاكرمين ولعبده السيد الاجل امير الجيوش سيف الاسلام وناصر الانام كافل قضاة المسلمين وهادى دعاة

  4. المومنين عضد الله به الدين وامتع بطول بقائه أمير المومنين ولعبده حاتم بن فرج باشراف الشيخ ابى اسحق

  5. ابرهيم بن منجا موسى بن عيسى أن يقوم عن الزكاتين فى الضيعة المعروفة بقبيل لسنة سبع وسبعين واربع مائة

  6. الخراجية بمال مبلغه من العين الوازن ثمنية دنانير كل شهر بقسطه من غير مدافعة ولا ممانعة

  7. ولا احتجاج بحجة ولا اعتلال بعلة على الوجوه والاسباب كلها عاملا بماله في حال من الحظ

  8. والصلاح وبذلك اشهد على نفسه طائعا طالبا راغبا غير مكره ولا مجبر ولا مضطهد

  9. في العشر الاول من شوال سنة ثمنين واربع مائة فى ثلث نسخ متفقات اللفظ والمعنى ايهن حضرت

  10. اغنت عن الاخرى

Recto - witness 1

  1. شهد حامد بن الحسن بن دينار

  2. على اقرار المقر المسمى المذكور فيه

  3. في تاريخه


Recto - witness 2

  1. شهد زید ابن حامد

  2. السروحي بجميع ما في هـ[ـذا ]

  3. الكتاب وكتب بخطه


Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.  
  2. Mūsā ibn ʿĪsā pledged to our master and lord, the 'imām al-Mustanṣir billah,  commander of the faithful, the blessings of God be upon him and upon his pure  ancestors and his sons, the most noble 'imāms,  
  3. and (pledged) to his servant, the glorious lord, commander of the armies, sword of  Islam, defender of mankind, protector of the judges of the Muslims, guide of the dāʿīs  
  4. of the believers, may God strengthen the religion through him and give comfort  to the commander of the faithful by his long life, and (pledged) to his servant Ḥātim ibn Faraj, under the supervision of the elder 'Abū 'Isḥāq  
  5. 'Ibrāhīm ibn Munajjā, to stand surety for the two zakāts in the estate known as  Qabīl, for the kharājī year four-hundred and seventy-seven,  
  6. for a sum of money amounting to eight dīnārs in minted coin, full weight, paying  an instalment every month without delay, withholding,  
  7. protesting with an argument or giving a pretext in any way whatsoever,  managing his money beneficientIy  
  8. and to good ends. He called poeple to be his witnesses, while acting voluntarily, in  accordance with his will, not forced, coerced or constrained,  
  9. in the first ten days of Shawwāl of the year four-hundred and eighty, in three  copies identical in wording and meaning, whichever one of them is at hand 
  10. renders another unnecessary. 

Recto - witness 1

  1. Ḥāmid ibn al-Ḥasan ibn Dīnār testified  
  2. to the acknowledgement by the acknowledger who is named and mentioned herein  
  3. on its date.  


Recto - witness 2

  1. Zayd ibn Ḥāmid  
  2. al-Sarūjī testified to all that is in this  
  3. document, and he wrote with his own hand. 

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  1. دكان قبيل


  1. The stall of Qabīl
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