Letter: T-S Ar.38.100

Letter T-S Ar.38.100



Letter from someone, probably in Barqa, to his or her "father" the judge Mūsā b. ʿImrān (or else this Mūsā is simply mentioned in the body of the letter). In Arabic script. The sender reports that he or she arrived in Barqa safely and explains why he is unable to return by ship (mā wajadtu ṭarīq fa-masakūnī al-ṣibyān(?)). There may be a siege in the addressee's location (fa-lammā samiʿtu akhbārkum annakum muḥāṣarīn...) There is a woman (the sender?) who is preoccupied (mashghūla), and the sender is "very sick" at the time that he or she is writing this letter. The addressee is to send some goods. On verso there are a few lines of what may be accounts in Arabic script (mentions 10 dinars), but this could also be the continuation of the letter. (Information in part from Goitein’s index card)