List or table: T-S Ar.4.10

List or table T-S Ar.4.10



Verso: Account of payments to a physician (al-Rayyis) by five patients: Bū ʿAlī, Ibn Shahrīn or Shahrayn (a 2-month-old boy?), Muslim, Muḥsin, and Karīm. He visited each of these almost daily, and they paid 1–4 (dirhems?) per visit; only on Friday two patients paid 6, presumably because there usually was no visit on the Sabbath. The payments were made (or listed as not made) at the end of the week. The physician is referred to in the third person. Goitein suggests that the patients were Muslims. (Information from Goitein, Med Soc II, p.579, n.12.) There are some additional names listed at the bottom of the first column under "al-bāqī," e.g., Farajūn, Ibrāhīm, Abū l-Khayr. The scribe uses a version of the ﭏ ligature as a numerical notation (as in T-S Ar.30.284).

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