Legal document: T-S 13J37.1

Legal document T-S 13J37.1



Partnership settlement recorded in the home of Rabbi Moshe Damūhī in Cairo that bears a date in line 34 of 9 Ḥeshvan 5304 AM (1543 CE). This is not the exact date of recording for this document, which has been lost to damage in the lower right corner and was likely somewhat later in the sixteenth century. The partnership settlement is related the cost of rent and repairs for a building in which a section was used as a house of prayer for the Maghrebi congregation. Some of the names of the individuals involved are: Raḥamim b. Mordechai Ḥadād and Najma bt. ha-Rofe Saʿadia Tawīl. The witness Badusa b. Asher may have also scribed this document. He is listed as the sole witness in a nearby shelfmark from 1569CE (CUL T-S 13J4.20). Information from Goitein's linked index card and Dotan Arad's edition. MCD.

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