Legal document: T-S 13J31.2

Legal document T-S 13J31.2



Legal query addressed to the Gaʾon Moshe (b. Netanʾel) ha-Levi concerning the claims of a creditor against the widow of the man who owed him. Goitein notes in Med Soc II, p. 528 note 46, that there is no document confirming that Moshe b. Netanʾel ever held the title Gaʾon—perhaps he did not consider this legal query to be a true document. But see also the various documents signed by Moshe's son Sar Shalom, who clearly regarded his father as having held the title Gaʾon (e.g., ENA 4020.4, T-S 13J31.3, T-S 10J20.21, and T-S 10J24.7 + T-S 10J29.4), and see M. A. Friedman's article on Zuta, pp. 474–75, for the point that at the time of Yehuda ha-Levi's arrival in Egypt (Elul of 1140 CE), Moshe b. Netanʾel definitely held the title Gaʾon.

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