Legal document: T-S 13J30.2

Legal document T-S 13J30.2



Legal document concerning the dissolution of a partnership in the production and distillation of wine between various partners, mentioning people including Ḥalfon b. Yefet, Mevorakh b. Natan ha-Kohen known as Ibn al-Wāsiṭī, Shemuel b. Yehuda known as Ibn Asad, ʿAmram b. Avraham, Pinḥas b. Shemuel, Khalaf b. Menashshe, Peraḥya b. Avraham al-Iskandarānī, Shela b. Simḥa, and Yosef. Dating: mentions Nisan 1460 of the Seleucid Era (= March/April 1149 CE). Related postscript on verso mentions ʿAmram b. Avraham and Mevorah b. Natan ha-Kohen, who also signs, together with Peraḥya ha-Kohen b. [...]. 2565 barrels of wine (called "ṭamāwiya laṭaf") and various sums in cash are involved as well as the term 'qaṭṭāra.' (Information mainly from CUDL and Goitein's attached notes.)

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