Paraliterary text: T-S K25.261 + T-S 10J28.6

Paraliterary text T-S K25.261 + T-S 10J28.6



Popular literature in Judaeo-Arabic. Narrating a dispute apparently between a man named Sahl and a Kurdish man who both claim ownership over a ship (ghurāb). Each of them must describe to the judge the merchandise on the ship in order to prove his claim. Their statements to the qāḍī are punctuated by the phrase אעז אללה אלקאצי. The text seems rich for material culture terminology. Some of the items clearly cannot fit on a ship (e.g. "gardens and waterwheels... mosques and synagogues...") which could either be humor or incomplete context. There is also a damaged section mentioning geographical names including Samarqand, Khorasan, Baghdad, China, Barqa, עמאוריה (= ʿAmmūriyya?), and several more. T-S 10J28.6r seems to be a continuation of T-S K25.261r but the join is not direct. T-S 10J28.6v contains a section from the same context but in a second hand (whereas both sides of T-S K25.261 and 10J28.6r are all in the same hand). (Information in part from Goitein's index card.) Indirect join: Alan Elbaum.

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