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Letter from Yosef b. Nadiv the cantor, in Bilbays, to Eliyyahu b. Zekharya the Judge in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Mostly about business in wheat. The sender explains that he did not travel to Fustat in person on account of his capitation tax and that of his son Makārim. However, if 'Rabbenu' wishes him to sit around unemployed, he will come to Fustat and do so and will study under him Ḥullin and Qiddushin and Giṭṭin. The sender prays for the Nagid Avraham Maimonides every Shabbat when he lifts up the the Torah scroll. Greetings to Berakhot (=probably Shelomo, Eliyyahu's son) and various other people.

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