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Legal document. Record of a deposition in court (maḥḍar). Dated: Sunday, 21 Av/Rabīʿ I 442 AH = 12 August 1050 CE. Unsigned draft, written by Yefet b. David b. Shekhanya. Musāfir b. ʿAmram sues Saʿīd b. ʿAllūn al-Qudsī concerning a diadem which Musāfir had given to Saʿīd to transport to Tyre but never arrived. Saʿīd takes several oaths that if Musāfir shows the court a letter from Tyre (presumably attesting that the diadem never arrived), he will pay a fine of 10 dinars to the qodesh for the poor of Jerusalem. Musāfir then produces exactly such a letter. Saʿīd then claims that his oath was only about a letter from Tyre from his father-in-law. Musāfir then shows the court letters from the father-in-law. (Ed. Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations, doc. 31; Gil's translation confuses some of the procedure.)

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Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).
  1. של
  2. חצר מן אתבת שהאדתה אכר הדא אלמחצר מטאלבה
  3. מסאפר אבן עמרם לסעיד אבן עלון אלמערוף באלקדסי בעצאבה
  4. דכר מסאפר אבן עמרם אנה אנפדהא מעה אלי צור ואנה לם
  5. יוצלהא וגרי בינהם לאגל דלך כטאב תרדד מן גמלתה
  6. קאל סעיד אבן עלון אלקדסי אנה מתי אטהר מסאפר כתאב ורד
  7. [אל]יה מן צור תידכר(!) פיה הדה אלעצאב(!) כאן עליה קודש עשרה
  8. דינאניר לעניי ירושלים ואכד דלך בימין דפעאת ואחצר מסאפר
  9. עדה כתב מן צור פדכר אן ימינה כאנת ען כתאב חמוה
  10. פאחצר כתאב חמוה וימינה כאנת עלי אנה אן אחצר כתאב
  11. מן כאן ואי כתאב אחצרה מן צור כאן עליה קודש עשרה
  12. דנאניר ולמא אלתמס מסאפר בן עמרם כתבהם שהאדתהם
  13. בדלך שהדו וכתבו כטוטהם תחת הדה אל/א/סטר פי יום אלאחד
  14. אלתאמן ואלעשרין מן אב אלמואפק לשהר רביע אלאול סנה אתניתין
  15. וארבעין וארבע מאיה ------------------------------------------------


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. In Thy Name, oh Merciful: 

  2. The undersigned whose testimony was recorded on this court record were present on the spot when the lawsuit was brought 

  3. by Musāfir b. ʿAmrām against Saʿīd b. ʿAllūn, known as al-Qudsī regarding a tiara 

  4. which Musāfir b. ʿAmrām said that he had sent with him to Tyre, but he (i.e. Saʿīd b. ʿAllūn) did not 

  5. deliver it. For this reason there was a discussion among them, consisting in short of the following: 

  6. Sa'id b. ʿAllūn al-Qudsī said that if he presented to Musāfir a letter coming 

  7. to him from Tyre in which this tiara would be mentioned, he (i.e. Musāfir) would have to pay as qōdesh 10 

  8. dinars to the poor of Jerusalem. He took an oath from him on this several times. Then Musāfir was presented with 

  9. several letters from Tyre, and said that his oath referred to a letter from his father-in-law; 

  10. so he was presented with a letter from his father-in-law; but(?) his oath had been that if he was presented with any letter 

  11. whatsoever, from anybody in Tyre, he would have to pay as qōdesh 10 

  12. dinars. So since Musāfir b. ʿAmrām requested them to write down their attestation 

  13. of it, they attested and affixed their signatures beneath these deeds, on Sunday, 

  14. (14-15) 28 Av, corresponding to the month Rabīʿ al-awwal of the year 442. 



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