Legal document: T-S 8K20.1.2

Legal document T-S 8K20.1.2

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Court notebook (continuation of T-S 8K 20.1.1). Record #3 (fol. 2r): Maḥfūẓ b. Yiṣḥaq al-ʿAzāzī (i.e., from ʿAzāz, north of Aleppo) sues Yosef b. Avraham for a sum of money. They are each questioned, Yosef denies that he owes that much, and Maḥfūẓ says that he will come back with witnesses. They make an appointment for 30 Nisan (~1 month later). No signatures. #4 (fol. 2v): Yeshuʿa b. Ṣadaqa sues Yosef b. Seʿadya for a dinar. "Long story short: they compromised at 1/2 dinar." 1/4 is to be paid now and 1/4 at the time of 'travel' (i.e., when they are next together). #5 (also on fol. 2v): Mubāraka bt. Ḥātim ha-Kohen sues Abū Yaʿaqov Yosef b. Yefet for 22.5 dirhams, and she presents a witness. Yosef pays up and even releases her from having to take an oath. Then he sues her for some bedding (firāsh), but she takes an oath that she owes him nothing, and he gives up.