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Legal document T-S 8J32.8


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F.1: calendrical reckoning for the years 1018–19 and 1019–20 CE. F.2: legal documents. Recto: document, mentioning Abū Abraham Ismaʿīl b. Ṭalyon, Maḵlūf b. Mūsā and a large number of objects; dated Adar 1338 of the Seleucid Era (= 1027 CE). Below is a document concerning debts which Judah b. Ḥudayd owes Ḵalaf b. Sahl. Signed by Samuel ha-Kohen b. Avṭalyon and Aaron b. Isaac, and dated Kislev 1336 of the Seleucid Era (= 1024 CE). Verso: document from Fusṭāṭ concerning financial matters between Isaac b. Elijah, known as al-Qaš[...] and Samḥūn. Dated Nisan 1340 of the Seleucid Era (= 1029 CE), and signed by Abraham he-Ḥaver b. Sahlān, Samuel ha-Kohen Roš ha-Qahal b. Avṭalyon and Ṣedaqa b. Yaḥya. Below is an addendum, concerned with modalities if Isaac travels abroad; with the same three signatories. (Information from CUDL.) See also Goitein's index card.

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