Legal document: T-S 6J2.17

Legal document T-S 6J2.17


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Fragmentary scrap that contains multiple hands. The recto has been identified as a responsum, whereas the verso is a short note to Abu al-Ḥasan (or Abu-l-Hakan), requesting him to give the bearer wine. There are two hands on the recto: the more fainted one states the problem (line 1-5), a more fresh black ink continues the answer to the query (lines 6-10). The second hand is more cursive and uses more connections. The subject of the responsum on the recto seems to be wine and wine selling, which makes this a interesting case of paper reuse: the main subject of both the older and the newer documents is wine. It is also possible that the shaykh, mentioned in the verso of the document, is the same Abu al-Ḥasan as in fragments Moss. II 135.1 and TS NS J 224.1. See Phukoiava's database "Wine Accross the Geniza" for translation. (Information from Ekaterina Pukhovaia)

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