Legal document: T-S 24.34

Legal document T-S 24.34


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Verso: Legal document. Copy of a divorce settlement, dated 11th Adar I 4973 (= 1213 CE), from Alexandria, in which Yeshuʿa b. Yosef b. Raṣon Tinnīsī declares that he is bankrupt and thus unable to pay the second installment, thirty dinars, that is still outstanding from the original marriage contract, to his wife, Sitt al-Kull bt. Shelomo b. Zekharya. The debt is divided into fifteen-dirham 'of good silver' monthly payments, but if he is unable to pay this amount, he must give half of his wage day-by-day instead. Other stipulations forbid Yeshuʿa from leaving Alexandria for four years and from ever remarrying his first wife, and instruct him to sell his clothes and to give the proceeds to Sitt al-Kull. There is also a continuation of the text of the letter from the verso. Recto: Letter, probably predating the legal document (i.e., prior to 1213 CE), from a certain Berakhot (b. Shemuel?), who appears to have written the legal document. The name of the recipient has been carefully rubbed out. There is also a continuation of the legal document from verso. (Information from CUDL and Goitein's index card)

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