Letter: T-S 24.29

Letter T-S 24.29



Recto: Letter from the two congregations of Alexandria (No-Amon), led by the judge Yosef b. Shelomo ha-Kohen, to the Jerusalemite congregation in Fustāt, led by Efrayim b. Shemarya. Dating: ca. 1031 CE. Requesting urgent financial assistance for the ransoming of Byzantine Jews taken captive by pirates. The letter mentions the visit of the Gaʾon's son, Avraham b. Shelomo, and refers to Barqa (Cyrenaica, on the Libyan coast), the teacher Yehuda b. Yiṣḥaq, and Yehuda b. Ḥayyān. Verso contains the address, written in rhymed prose and closing with an 'alāma, ברית שלום. (Information from CUDL.)

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