Legal document: T-S 20.187

Legal document T-S 20.187


Power of attorney. Location: Zawīlat al-Mahdiyya, Tunisia. Monday, 1 Av [4]833 AM, which is July 1073 CE. In which the Qaraite Abū Saʿd Isḥāq b. Khalaf b. ʿAllūn al-Kātib al-Miṣrī gives to Ḥassūn b. Abū l-Faraj Mahdawī the right to act on his behalf and recover a long list of household utensils, which Abū Saʿd had left with Sittūna bt. Sulaymān b. Hiba known as Sirāj Ummihi ("Lamp of His Mother"), the wife of Mūsā b. Khalaf. Signed by the parnas Mevorah b. Avraham, the scribe ʿAyyāsh b. Yehuda, and Moshe b. David. The validation of the document is then signed by Yehuda b. Seʿadya, Moshe b. Shela ha-Levi, and Yosef b. Faraḥ. One of the legal records on T-S 28.6 may be related to the same case or a version of the same document (Goitein). (Information from Goitein's notes and from CUDL.)

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