Legal document: T-S 16.41

Legal document T-S 16.41

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Legal document in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. Fragment (left side). Dating: 1127–38 CE, based on the references to Maṣliaḥ Gaʾon (last line). Detailing the purchase of half a house in Cairo that was conveyed by inheritance. After the death of the wife of Abū l-Faḍl b. al-Barakāt (known as Ibn al-Wutayd), ownership of her house (which she had previously inherited) was divided between her husband, Abū l-Faḍl, and her daughter from a previous marriage, Naẓar bt. Ḥalfon. Naẓar’s husband, Sālim/Shelomo, then bought Abū l-Faḍl’s half of the property. Ḥalfon b. Yaʿaqov Ibn ʿAqbān testifies to the facts of the case, as the property and individuals are known to him. (Information from CUDL and Goitein's index card.)

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