Letter: T-S 12.825

Letter T-S 12.825



Recto: Letter from Moshe b. Ḥalfon b. Y[...], probably in Yemen, to a judge (who had a son named Netanel), probably in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Ca. 1168–1204, based on Maimonides' years in Egypt. The sender asks the addressee to ask Moshe Maimonides to issue a decision in a case between the sender and a judge (dayyān). The sender apologizes for sending two copies of this letter—he did so because of the vicissitudes of the journey. He sends regards to various people, including probably Munajjā al-Kohen. Verso: Postscript containing a similar request from Yaḥyā b. Muqbil, asking the addressee to obtain Maimonides' decision for him and send it together with the decision for Moshe b. Ḥalfon. Underneath is another postscript, apparently containing only a greeting. Goitein suggests convincingly that this letter was sent from Yemen, on the basis of the style, the script, the names, and the fact that two copies were sent. (Information in part from Goitein's index card.)

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