Letter: T-S 12.286

Letter T-S 12.286


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Letter from a certain Yosef to Yiṣḥaq he-Ḥaver, in Valencia (בלנסיה). In Judaeo-Arabic. The hand is Egyptian rather than Spanish (per Amir Ashur) though the layout is reminiscent of Spanish letters. Dating: probably 12th century. Mentions travel to Almeria. Goitein's index card summarizes, "A man who has no income except from copying books turns to a friend for help. Spanish(?) or late hand. Nothing important." See India Book IV, p. 96 note 238, where it is noted to be potentially related to T-S 12.245, and Friedman, Dictionary, pp. 47, 188, 213–14, 368, 385, 501.