Legal document: T-S 12.174

Legal document T-S 12.174

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Legal document likely in the hand of Natan b. Shemuel (or less likely Ḥalfon b. Menashshe?). Dated: Ḥeshvan [14]50 Seleucid, which is approximately October 1138 CE, under the authority of Maṣliaḥ Gaʾon. Abū l-Faraj Yeshuʿa b. Yehuda Ibn al-Nisṭāṣ (see T-S NS 224.18 + T-S NS 225.25c for either the same person or a family member) cedes for 10 dinars his right of 1/12 of an open space (misṭāḥ) in the al-Qālūs street to Abū l-Khayr Shelomo b. Nājī, who had the right of shafʿa(?). See Med Soc IV, ch. IX, A, 1, note 141. Unsigned. (Information from Goitein's index card.) Verso is covered with legal jottings concerning at least a dozen other legal cases, with numerous names mentioned (one name is Malīḥa bt. Yefet, a widow). All need examination.

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