Legal document: T-S 12.60

Legal document T-S 12.60


Recto: Debt contract in the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan. Dating: the repayments begin in Tammuz 1491 Seleucid, so the document itself likely dates to Sivan 1491 Seleucid = May/June 1180 CE. The banker Munajjā b. Shelomo al-Levi loans 58 dirhams to Abū Saʿīd b. Abū l-Khayr, to be repaid in monthly installments of 10 dirhams. Signed by Shemuel b. Ṣedaqa, and Shemuel b. Yosef. Verso: another document in the same hand, which mentions Abū Manṣūr, Shemuel b. Yosef and Elʿazar b. Natan ha-Kohen; signed by Shemuel b. Saʿadya ha-Levi, Elʿazar b. Mikhaʾel and Mevorakh b. Natan. (Information in part from CUDL and Goitein's attached notes.)

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