Letter: p. Heid. Hebr. 28

Letter p. Heid. Hebr. 28



Business letter from Mūsā b. Dāwūd / Moshe b. David al-Levi al-Miṣrī to Mubārak/Mevorakh b. Avraham Ibn Sabrā. In Arabic script, with the address in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 1100 CE. Concerning consignments of silver bars, silver ornaments, and gold. NB: this document is also known as p. Heid. Hebr. 915 = P.Heid. Inv. Arab.27 = p. Heid. Arab. 27 = P.Heid.Arab. III 46 and was edited both by Sabih Aodeh (PhD diss.) and by Werner Diem (https://www.apd.gwi.uni-muenchen.de/apd/show2.jsp?papname=Diem_Heid_III_46). (Information mainly from Diem, Aodeh, and Goitein's note cards.)