Legal document: PER H 91

Legal document PER H 91



Legal document. Mainly in Judaeo-Arabic. Location: Minyat Zifta. Dated: last decade of Tammuz 1467 Seleucid, which is July 1156 CE, under the authority of the Nagid Shemuel b. Ḥananya. David b. Zurʿa will repay a large loan of 183 dinars to Shemuel b. Yehuda ("the Pride of the Enlightened") in 12 half-yearly installments of 15.25 dinars each, beginning in Av 1467 and ending in Tammuz 1473. The debt came from former dealings between the two, based on testimony before a Muslim court, i.e., there is already at least one debt contract against David b. Zurʿa drawn up in a Muslim court. Shemuel b. Yehuda the creditor also testifies that he will stand security for his partner Shemarya b. Sheʾerit ("Kelil ha-Yofi") in everything to do with this arrangement; this Shemarya is not previously mentioned (except perhaps in the missing beginning of the document), and his role in the debt is not clear. Signed by: Avraham b. Musāfir; Avraham b. Yakhin; ʿAmram b. Shemary ha-Kohen; and Yefet b. Yosef. The qiyyum (validation) is signed by: the judge and muqaddam Shabbetay b. Avraham ha-Ḥaver; Mevorakh b. Natan ha-Gevir; and Peraḥya b. Shemuel ha-Melammed. (Information in part from Goitein's index card.)