Letter: Moss. VII,166.1

Letter Moss. VII,166.1



Informal note. In Judaeo-Arabic. Requesting that the addressee return the collaterals after the settlement of a debt. "To the elder, the Understanding (ha-Mevin), may his Rock keep him. Kindly receive from the bearer 20 dirhems and hand over to him that which is deposited with your excellency, namely, the turban, the bucket, and the oil jug. This is in accordance with the settlement reached in the presence of our Lord (sayyidnā), may he live forever. Do not let this be delayed—(do this) as one bestowing favor, not as one ordered (munʿimān lā ma'mūran). And peace." This is Goitein's translation, slightly modified (he did not translate the last two words). Goitein suggested identifying 'sayyidnā' with Avraham Maimonides and the addressee ('ha-Mevin') as his cantor and treasurer (see Med Soc II, 420, bottom). Information from Goitein's attached notes.