Letter: ENA 4101.16a

Letter ENA 4101.16a



Letter from a woman to a communal official. In Hebrew. The purpose of the letter is to advocate for herself in her marital dispute that has already come before the addressee in court. "They brought [...] to my master and said, 'Here are some of my possessions that she has destroyed,' but my master knows that when we came before you in court, he did not mention that I destroyed this shawl, and all of this is 'Perversity is in his heart, he devises evil continually, he sows discord' (Proverbs 6:14)." She flatters the addressee (חכם כמלאך האלהים) and reminds him that her (ex?)-husband is just trying to return to his divorcee, and that he hates her daughter.

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