Letter: ENA 4020.22

Letter ENA 4020.22



Letter from the teacher Yehuda b. Aharon ha-Rofeʾ Ibn al-ʿAmmānī to Yeḥiʾel ha-Rav (b. Elyaqim?). In Hebrew. The year is given but is hard to read (in FGP it is read as 1526 Seleucid = 1215 CE). The addressee's letter for Rabbenu Shemuel arrived. Yehuda goes on to convey the story of R. Namir who went it to heading due to the (capitation?) tax for half a month. The continuation is faded and damaged; mentions R. Ṣadoq; Yosef ha-Kohen; someone standing guarantee; a funduq; and how Yehuda acted to prevent this man from being imprisoned, which he did due to his love for the addressee. The letter seems to end here with the date, but then it resumes on verso after a gap, still talking about people under arrest due to the tax. Mentions the two synagogues; R. Namir again, and his wife; fundraising; R. Ṣadoq again; a Byzantine (Rūmī) Jewish man; a ban of excommunication; the Talmudic principle of 'dina demalkhuta dina'; books as collateral; someone who took a grave oath concerning fringes (ṣiṣit) and Sukkot.

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