Letter: ENA 3796.11

Letter ENA 3796.11



Letter from a man, in Fustat, to his brothers Yūsuf and Ibrāhīm, unknown location. He blames his delay on the ״כר״ that belongs to Baqā', who refused to let him use it. The sender had a fight with Baqā' (taḍārabtu) and was seriously injured (inkhabaṭtu) and fell sick again (maraḍtu marḍa jadīda) but is now doing better (qad tawajjahtu li-l-ʿāfiya) so no one need worry about him. He will come on Sunday. If the addressees have gotten their hands on Abū Naṣr's silver, they should send it, because Abū Naṣr has already come to the house asking for it 3 or 4 times "and he doesn't know that I am in Fustat." (Information in part from Goitein’s index card)

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