Legal document: ENA 3697.8

Legal document ENA 3697.8

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Legal notes. A list of the complaints brought by the wife of the Rayyis against her sister the wife of Ṣāʿid. There are numerous claims. (1) The Rayyis used to provide wheat and loans of money to the wife of Ṣāʿid, and she now owes 30 dinars that she has not repaid. (2) The two sisters jointly owned (or rented?) a house near Bāb al-Yahūd worth 250 dinars. There is some issue with the rent, such that the wife of Ṣāʿid owes 14 dinars. (3–5) These entries deal with items such as salted meat, clothing, jewelry, and household goods, and the wife of Ṣāʿid owes ~10 dinars for each item. There is a single entry on verso phrased as a legal query, which may or may not belong together with the entries on recto. "She mentioned that she loaned two amber statues and golden rings and silver with which she contracted marriage. Does he have to return them or not?"

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