Legal document: ENA 3157.2

Legal document ENA 3157.2



Recto: Legal document in Arabic script. The middle portions of ~11 lines are preserved from near the top of the document. The price of a commodity according to a particular price - ḥasab seʿr and dirham, darāhim are mentioned. The document was chartered when the beneficiary was in sound health and had fully consented to the cause; 'fī ṣeḥatin.... ṭawʿan lahu ʿalaihi', and is referred to as 'this document/letter'; hadhā l-kitāb. Mentions names such as Sulaymān and Maḥmūd bin Ṣafīh (?). Needs further examination. Verso: Legal document in Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly from a court ledger (shimmush). Mentions the name Sālim, otherwise, very few details are preserved. (Information in part from Goitein’s index card).

ENA 3157.2 recto




ENA 3157.2 verso

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