Letter: ENA 2808.16

Letter ENA 2808.16



Letter from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, in Qalyūb, to his family, in Fustat. Moshe congratulates his brother Bū Isḥāq on the fertility of his livestock but wants him to prepare the honey and flour and prepare a cake named ʿaṣīda that Moshe will enjoy when he comes on Sunday. Al-Shaykh al-Yesod also congratulates Bū Isḥāq and adds, cryptically, "May the end turn out well, and God willing we will see from it what was seen from the female donkey of our master al-Ḥāfiẓ." Moshe mentions the silver belonging (or owed) to Farrūj. He invites his brother Abū l-Ḥasan (Yedutun) to come out and spend Shabbat with him in Qalyūb, and they will return together to Fustat on Sunday. He also mentions silver, a donkey that has given birth, and a turban (radda). He asks the addressee to obtain the response to a fatwā that Moshe had previously sent. ASE.

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