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Letter ENA 2739.16


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Letter from Khalfa to his 'brother' (brother-in-law?) Mūsā b. Sāmiḥ, in Cairo. Concerning various family matters. (1) No answer to letters. (2) Abū l-Faḍl came and informed the sender about the death of the little boy. (3) "My brother, I do not need to urge you concerning my sister... for I know that her character is difficult (akhlāqhā ṣaʿba)." She had not received her farḍ (a part in an inheritance, or perhaps alimony). (4) Mardūk brought the מסדיה but the אמשאט were impossible. (5) Greetings to Abū ʿImrān, the wife of the sender's maternal uncle, Abū Naṣr, Faḍā'il, Shibl, and Bū Saʿd. Abū Saʿd. (Information in part from Goitein's index card)

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