Legal document: CUL Or.1081 J66 + ENA 2738.1

Legal document CUL Or.1081 J66 + ENA 2738.1


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Verso: Record of the activities of the qodesh in the late 10th and early 11th century up until 1034 CE, written ca.1040 CE. Join was identified by Moshe Yagur, who writes, "CUL Or.1081 J66 is a fragment of the upper part of a manuscript, whose lower part is ENA 2738.1. They are both a draft of T-S Ar.18(1).35 + T-S 20.96. T-S Ar.18(1).35 + T-S 20.96 and ENA 2738.1 were published by Gil, Pious Foundations, no. 3. The right side of the first lines in T-S 20.96 is missing, and can now be partially reconstructed from CUL Or.1081J66, which matches lines 3-11 of T-S 20.96." Gil writes that Yefet b. David b. Shekhanya was the scribe for both ENA 2738.1 and T-S Ar.18(1).35 + T-S 20.96, but it seems that the document of the qodesh in CUL Or.1081 J66 + ENA 2738.1 is actually in the hand of Efrayim b. Shemarya. The transcription for ENA 2738.1 is currently listed under PGPID 1251, section [c].

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