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Letter ENA 1822a.69


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Letter from Abū Naṣr, in Alexandria, to his brother al-Thiqa, in Fustat. There are greetings to Abū l-Ṭāhir Ismāʿīl and his son Sharaf(?), but these do not appear to be the actual addressees. In Arabic script. There are also a few words in Judaeo-Arabic in the address. The sender reports that he arrived safely from Fustat to Alexandria and found the children well. He stayed with his son Sulaymān. He claims that he could not find anyone with whom to send a letter for a span of two months, until he found Abū l-ʿAlā' b. al-ʿAfīf(?), with whom he is sending the present letter. The sender is apologetic and worried about two women, Sitt [...] and Fāḍila. He asks about the price of wheat. He asks for a loan/advance of 2 dirhams either from the addressee or from Sulaymān al-Dujājī, and he asks the addressee to buy okra with it and send it to him, no matter the price. ASE

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