Legal document: Halper 349

Legal document Halper 349


Deed of release. Location: New Cairo. Dated: 1695 Seleucid = 1383/84 CE, under the reshut of the Nagid ʿAmram, for whom nine lines of titles and epithets are included. Muwaffaq b. Mūsā, his half-sister Sitt ʿAbīd a.k.a. Shams bt. Barakāt (the wife of Shabbetay the Sicilian), and her mother Sutayta forgive the debt of Ẓarīfa, the widow of Yaʿaqov, probably resulting from a case of inheritance. Signed by Ṣedaqa b. Avraham ha-Kohen and Menashshe b. Yaʿaqov ha-Levi. (Information mainly from Goitein’s index card)

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