Letter: DK 231.5 (alt: XVII)

Letter DK 231.5 (alt: XVII)


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Letter of a father to his son Ibrāhīm in Damietta, to be delivered to the shop of Dāʾūd al-Ṣabbāgh or Surūr or Yaʿqūb the Jews (يصل هذا الكتاب الى دمياط المعمورة الى دكان داود الصباغ او سرور او يعقوب اليهودي يسلمه امانة مودة لابرهيم من عند والده). Written by a scribe, who adds his greetings at the end. Reporting about a lawsuit involving a wālī and urging the addressee to stay with his mother until her confinement. (Information in part from Goitein's index card.)